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We all make mistakes and some of them include the one time use of illegal substances or so called “soft drugs”, like cannabis and marijuana. The problem is though, that those mistakes can have dire consequences. Random urine drug tests are becoming really popular with employers these days. They just announce them and they have their employees take them, usually within the same day they are announced. If anyone tests positive, he or she will most likely get fired or at the very ;east be removed from any important project that he or she was working on and receive a massive salary reduction. A very heavy price to pay for one wild night, don't you think?

Now, the obvious and wisest solution is to just say no to drugs, especially if your job and livelihood is on the line, however, not everyone has the strength and character to do so. Since so many people have lost their jobs or been denied some good jobs that they were being considered for, because they tested positive on a drug test, even though they were not addicts or regular substance users, many products have been developed to help people pass those random tests. We should say upfront that those products will NOT remove or reverse any problems caused by those drugs or cure addiction, but they will keep them away from your urine, in order to help you pass the test. In this review, we will take a look at the best of those products, the Drug Test Friend.

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